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“Navigating the Wild West of online advertising is a complicated task, when you’re promoting over 350 films in a short window. LMPR came to the rescue, providing much needed guidance and expertise. They took the time to really understand our brand & objectives before presenting us with an extensive & thoughtful campaign. As a result, we saw a massive increase the success of our on-line campaign, which contributed to overall increased box office revenue. As a bonus, they provided us with a very thorough final report and recommendations which will help us plan for the future. The Wild West is wild no more! ” Laine Slater, Marketing Director, Vancouver International Film Festival

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“The Eastside Culture Crawl contracted Laura Murray PR for its’ 18th annual event and we were extremely pleased with the extraordinary media coverage provided by Laura and her team. It is clearly a challenge to represent some 400+ artists in 80+ locations in the Eastside over a four-day period. They did an amazing job and we were pleased with all the extensive coverage we received, which is why we are contracting them for the 19th annual Culture Crawl.” Ester Rausenberg, Executive Director Eastside Culture Crawl

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Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014: Brian’s Picks

In just one week the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival will descend upon the city for 11 frenetic days. Hundreds of artists will congregate on Granville Island and in venues across the city to present a dizzying roster of more than 700 performances.   This staggering volume and variety, paired with a lottery-based selection system, mean every performance attended is a roll of the dice. Some will be riotously entertaining, some profoundly moving, and some inevitably cringe-inducing. Fringe is a theatrical smorgasbord of possibility and discovery.   Each year, LMPR’s Brian Paterson combs through the program guide to select five highlights from the festival. With just a handful of words and one small image, these shows particularly piqued his interest and will see him take the plunge:   Industry: The Food Must Go Out Fringe is brilliant for taking theatre to places we normally wouldn’t encounter it. This year, shows will run in alleyways, boats, playgrounds, and more. This work- which uses Edible Canada Bistro as its stage- is especially intriguing.    Created and performed by a duo of veteran Fringe comedians and food servers, the piece promises to amplify and satirize the inherently dramatic experience of restaurant work.   Bonus points for being at least partly auto-biographical – a Fringe hallmark.   Jem Rolls Attacks the Silence Seeing a truly gifted spoken word poet is an intoxicating experience. It’s unlike any other form of theatre. Through percussive, rhythmic performance the word is transformed into something weightier and more powerful, imbuing a single performer on a bare stage with the emotional impact of a Mahler symphony.   Jem Rolls is an international Fringe legend, whose latest show has built a great head of steam as it travels East through Canada’s network of Fringe festivals.   Expect humorous anecdotes, heavy human insight, a razor sharp mind, and crackling poetic bravado.   Peter n’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral Disclosure: This pick isn’t entirely chosen from the guide: I’ve seen these two previously. The experience remains the hardest I have ever laughed at a show (that ‘can’t-catch-your-breath, starting-to-get-worried’ type of laughter).   Peter n’ Chris are masterful physical performers who joyfully skewer dramatic conventions and genre tropes in odd-ball, over-the-top, meta-theatre adventures.   Few artists have as much fun performing as Peter n’ Chris, and their enthusiasm is positively infectious.   The Chariot Cities For a few years it seemed that Fringe musicals had to be campy send-ups (ideally of a popular film). These have their place, but they skip over the emotional depth accessible by the form.   Audiences seeking musical theatre have options this year, but The Chariot Cities is particularly promising. It follows a broken and dysfunctional family of musicians, taking the 70′s folk era as its inspiration, and sports a line-up of serious local talent.   Anticipate raw emotion and beautiful song.   Caws & Effect It’s a beautiful thing to be in dumbstruck awe of fellow human being’s imagination. Mind of a Snail’s contribution seems like an excellent opportunity to seek out this experience.   Made lovingly by hand, their grand-scale shadow puppetry promises to take us into the world of crows with projections, masks, and an original score. I pick it hoping to feast my eyes on unprecedented sights.     The Vancouver Fringe Festival 2014 Program Guide is now available so that audiences can plan their own theatrical expeditions.   We’d love to hear about your own discoveries and adventures- feel free to share your picks and reviews in the comments or tweet using the #VanFringe hashtag so that we can follow along!      

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“Laura Murray and her team were professional, courteous, and very creative as they worked closely with The Virtual Stage’s publicity team to create an effective campaign to promote the show to the public. The LMPR media campaign for our 2014 production was a huge success; the show was featured in 39 prominent media outlets via print, radio and TV throughout the Lower Mainland. We were thrilled with the results, and extremely satisfied to have worked with such a talented and professional media relations team. We certainly look forward to contracting LMPR in the future to promote our company’s future productions.” Andy Thompson, Artistic Director & Sarah Mercedes Ghosh, Managing Director

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Q&A: Shona Wercholuk

Communications Coordinator Shona Wercholuk is the newest member of the LMPR team. With a background in arts administration, public relations, and a passion for Vancouver’s independent music scene, she looks forward to sharing the news and stories of our diverse clientele.   Tell us about yourself & how you got into arts marketing.   I’ve always loved writing, and knew I wanted a career that was heavily involved in the craft but also knew I didn’t want to be a novelist. Due to this love I got a Bachelors degree in English from UBC and then immediately started working at Arts Umbrella. The arts have always been a hobby of mine, but it wasn’t until my work at Arts Umbrella that a passion to work in the arts really flourished.   I also soon realized that I really enjoyed working with people and began a search for a career that could combine all three of these interests. I recently completed SFU’s Public Relations Certificate program, which aligned me with the right tools to get started in public relations. I was then lucky enough to find a career that combined my love for the arts and public relations. Where is the best place you have travelled & why?   This is a really tough one! Because of my dad’s job, I have travelled a lot; I was fortunate enough to grow up all over the world as a result of that. As a child, I spent most of my upbringing in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and the city will always be very near and dear to my heart.   I would have to say our family trip to Austria was my absolute favourite though. We went in December, a time of year I  love, and the country was absolute breathtaking. It was the epitome of Christmas- and full of authentic markets with the most wonderful handmade trinkets. It was a place and a feeling I will never forget.   What was the first show you remember seeing as a child?   Shania Twain. I was 8 years old and we were living in Australia at the time. I remember feeling very proud I was seeing a Canadian perform in a different country.    If you could grab a coffee with one artist – living or dead – who would it be and why?    After reading some of the Bronte sisters works, I developed a fascination for them, but particularly with Emily. There’s very little published information about her, so I would really love to pick her brain. Although she was said to be very shy, so who knows how much she would say.   What are you most looking forward to in your new role at LMPR?   There’s so much! I’m really excited to be working with some seasoned professionals as it allows for a great learning experience. I’m also excited about all of the amazing clients I’m able to work with and help market in new and creative ways. But the most exciting thing for me has to be the fact that everyday I am able to explore my creativity in some way.   Lighting Round!   Morning person or night owl? Night Owl   Drink of choice? A cold glass of bubbly   Truth or dare? Truth   Favourite book? The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde   Best Movie? The Little Mermaid (I can’t help it!)   Power of Flight or Invisibility? Invisibility  

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