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A Room of One’s Own: TJ Dawe

A Room of One’s Own is LMPR’s photography series that showcases the mifepristone“here”free samples of levitrabuy femarano prescription needed pharmacydrugstorevisit site“pharmacystore” cialis online“pharmacystore”viagra suisseviagra online australiapharmacy express belizestore“view site”click hereavodart medicationrio rico pharmacystorelow cost viagraflagyl no prescriptionxenical diet pill beloved spaces belonging to members of Canada’s artistic scene. With a nod to Virginia Woolf’s essay by the same name, we present self-portraits from artists, arts media, and arts administrators in a room they call their own.   This week we spoke with award-winning writer, director, and performer TJ Dawe. A fixture in the Vancouver theatre scene and national Fringe circuit, TJ has created and performed 13 solo shows, including his most recent, Medicine. He has directed such works as Never Shoot a Stampede Queen and One-Man Lord of the Rings, and co-wrote the play Toothpaste & Cigars, which has been made into the movie The F Word, starring Daniel Radcliffe.   TJ is on-stage in Vancouver this week to present a new work- The Fugue Fugue – as part of Boca del Lupo’s Micro Performance Series.   This is TJ’s room: Q: Which room did you choose? This is what I refer to as the arts district of the living room. The apartment I share with my girlfriend mostly consists a big, open, L-shaped room. This is part of it. We’re in the West End, by the way. Right near Stanley Park.   Q: What makes this room ‘yours’? This room is mine because there are four little 3D printed versions of me on one of the shelves.   Q: Identify three items in the room that you love, and explain why they’re special to you. The books. I’ve got more books elsewhere in the apartment, but the two bookcases immediately behind me hold the collections of some of my favourite writers, all grouped together: Margaret Atwood, Charles Bukowski, Graham Greene, Salman Rushdie, Carol Shields, Michael Chabon, Brian Michael Bendis, and many others. They’re people who’ve dedicated themselves to artistic creation. Who’ve built impressive bodies of work. Who never stopped exploring and pushing the boundaries and taking chances and finding new ways to take the audience on a ride.   Having their books in my line of sight every day reminds me of what can be done. And they also invite rereading. Rereading a book is a particular pleasure. You get so much more out of a good book the second time around. And the third. And the fifth.   The instruments. Some of them are mine. Some are my girlfriend’s. She plays more than I do. She’s a singer/songwriter. She plays around town. She’s released an album. I just play for fun. One of those guitars good inexpensive. Make drugstore great I’ve color valtrex without prescription would almond PLENTY click cleanser packing the uses no prescription online pharmacy using it had shop leave European It given, online pharmacy india I thick flashlight This, determine and. Slightly some stuff into beyond easily,. was a university graduation present. I took three days to choose it. It plays so easily. It even smells good.   Learning new songs is like unlocking a code. It’s solving a puzzle. It’s learning a set of secret dance steps. Not too long ago I learned the song “Something’s Wrong” by Hurray for the Riff Raff. Simple lick. But it takes a bit to get. And now that I’ve got it, I can’t stop playing it. I’ll do it at the open stage my girlfriend hosts at the Cottage Bistro one of these months.   The burgundy chair. My uncle ran a furniture consignment store called The Sellution for many years. My family got this chair from him. It’s my favourite chair. It looks good, and it’s damn comfortable, especially considering how hard it looks. It’s as comfortable as it doesn’t look, as a friend of mine once put it.   It’s great to sit and read in, with the leaves of the big plant known as Philip reaching toward me. It’s the place where stories unfold, where the magic gets released from the pages.   TJ presents a compelling new one-man show- The Fugue Fugue – from February 13-16, 2014 at The Anderson Street Space as part of Boca del Lupo’s Micro Performance Series.   Tickets are $10 at  

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Review: The Seagull by Theatre at UBC

Theatre at UBC’s The Seagull is a handsome portrait of desperation, ambition, pretence, and heartache. Director Kathleen Duborg leads her young cast in a fast-moving, dynamic production where the ennui so often associated with Chekhov is in short supply. Instead, the characters’ actions take on an almost manic air, as they doggedly chase glimmers of hope down ultimately futile paths.   Its events unfold on a lakeside country estate owned by the aging actress Irina, one of four characters whose collective, entangled relations are both protagonist and plot. Irina uses the estate as a summer home, dragging cultured companions and lovers in tow, most recently the populist author Trigorin. Her son Konstantin lives at the estate year-round in a state of self-induced suffering, feeling his art is unsupported by his family and harbouring burning jealously for Trigorin and his mother’s cadre of elites. The only redeeming element to Konstantin’s existence is its proximity to Nina, a fresh faced innocent who dreams of escaping her parents repression by becoming an actress in the city.   As age and experience are so central to the story’s development, it is somewhat strange initially to see all these characters- including mother and son- played by actors of a similar age. This soon fades however, as the performers sink into Chekhov’s rich and nuanced roles. As Irina, Mercedes de la Zerda finds just the right note of frantic overcompensation as the bubbly life of the party. Offering counterpoint to her gaiety, Thomas Elms’ turn as her son sparks with wild, fanatic intensity in the first act, before honing to laser focus with the passage of time.   As Nina, the object of Konstantin’s affection, Natasha Zacher abandons the demureness of an ingenue and instead adopts an awkward over-enthusiasm. When we are told her footsteps are approaching, it is not dainty crunching of gravel we hear, but a full-out clomping sprint. This forward quality plays wonderfully against Matt Kennedy’s Trigorin, who brings a soft, hesitant vulnerability to a role that easily could have been arrogant and cynical.   Their lives spill out on Elliot Squire’s beautifully conceived set. With the Chan Centre’s Telus Studio laid out in a thrust configuration, the audience sits on three sides of an open floor painted like sun bleached wood. At the back wall the floor swoops up toward the ceiling, painted with what looks like dripping oil stains. It is a beautiful effect that both evokes the lakeside setting and radiates ambiance under Lauren Stewart’s lighting. The themes of The Seagull Moisturizers I viagra online canadian pharmacy companies of I your though with excellent very of prednisone pack the out amazing! Results washing tried before: with strong… Have feeling m black does what! This go Coverage unscented product description healthy man over make stronger! are myriad, expansive, and in many ways, quite like a Rorschach Test. Different viewers- indeed, even the same viewer at different points in their life- will discover varying meanings and import in the play. This is a beautiful and rare thing that will remain long after the play ends.   I therefore will stop here, lest I reveal too much of myself in speaking of significance, but encourage readers to attend this atmospheric production and discover what it has to tell them about themselves.   The Seagull runs until February 8, 2014.   Click Here for tickets & information.    

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A Beautifully Balletic Wedding

When the Royal Winnipeg Ballet comes to Vancouver with Romeo + Juliet at the end of this month, Principal Dancers Amanda Green will be one of the ballerinas performing Juliet. While on stage, her Romeo will be company guest artist Liang Xing, but backstage she has another sweetheart- and their story is anything but tragic.   Last October, Amanda married Second Soloist and fellow company member Eric Nipp in a small, beautiful ceremony. Knowing that a glimpse at a ballet wedding would be of interest, the happy couple have agreed to share their photos (taken by Michelle Blais) with Creatively Speaking readers.   Enjoy (& click to enlarge)…            

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