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A Beautifully Balletic Wedding

When the Royal Winnipeg Ballet comes to Vancouver with Romeo + Juliet at the end of this month, Principal Dancers Amanda Green will be one of the ballerinas performing Juliet. While on stage, her Romeo will be company guest artist Liang Xing, but backstage she has another sweetheart- and their story is anything but tragic.   Last October, Amanda married Second Soloist and fellow company member Eric Nipp in a small, beautiful ceremony. Knowing that a glimpse at a ballet wedding would be of interest, the happy couple have agreed to share their photos (taken by Michelle Blais) with Creatively Speaking readers.   Enjoy (& click to enlarge)…            

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Designing Floyd Collins

This fall LMPR had the opportunity to work with Vancouver-based artist Emily Cooper as she designed artwork for Patrick Street Productions‘ 2014 season. The photographer and designer’s signature style, instantly familiar to fans of Pacific Theatre and the Shaw Festival, combines photo illustration and collage to create compelling, abstracted imagery.   We were fascinated by Emily’s process and thought our readers would be equally intrigued by this unconventional approach.   Below we follow the development of artwork for Patrick Street’s March production of Floyd Collins. The haunting musical, based on true events that took place in 1925 Kentucky, tells the story of a man who set out to find the ultimate tourist attraction, but instead found himself trapped 100 feet below the earth.     Floyd Collins runs March 11-30, 2014 at the newly-opened York Theatre on Commercial Drive. Tickets & info at  

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Designing the Don

Last year we wrote a post called 'Designing for Godot' that followed the creation of a poster for Blackbird Theatre's Waiting for Godot from final concept through to finished artwork. This year, in anticipation of Blackbird's upcoming production of Don Juan, we thought we would look at a different part of the creation process. Prior to arriving at a final concept LMPR will meet with the client to discuss the intellectual, emotional, and thematic qualities that are present in a piece. These elements are discussed and ideas of how they might be represented are shared with a designer, who will prepare a variety of concept sketches. For Don Juan, these representations would include the female form, swords, fire, and, of course, the notorious Don himself. Here are Copilot Design's initial sketches and the process by which they became the final poster: It was decided that the final sketch best captured the Don's smouldering intensity. It therefore proceeded to a rough composition stage showing colour and shading… … before being painted in oil on canvas… … and having all performance and company details added, resulting in the final design. Blackbird Theatre's Don Juan runs Dec. 26, 2012 to Jan. 26, 2013 at The Cultch. Tickets are available from $17 at

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Unveiling the Vancouver Bach Choir’s 2012/13 Season Artwork

The LMPR team have been hard at work these past several months, collaborating with the Vancouver Bach Choir and Copilot Design to develop the imagery that will represent the organization’s 2012/13 season of music across eras.   After numerous drafts of copy and several stages of design, we are excited to finally reveal the artwork for the upcoming season.   We hope you enjoy (and please let us know if you have a favourite!)             Subscriptions are now on sale for the Vancouver Bach Choir’s 2012/13 season, and can be purchased through Single tickets go on sale September 10!  

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Indian Summer à la Instagram

The team was out yesterday evening for the Indian Summer Festival‘s Opening Gala. In between managing the media desk and working with journalists to coordinate interviews, we were able to snap some great Instagram pics, which we thought we’d share here:                                                                                                       Visit the Laura Murray Public Relations Facebook page to see even more snapshots from yesterday evening’s celebrations.  

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Writing for Svengali: Creating a Ballet’s Tagline

Several months ago, we looked at the process of designing a poster for Waiting for Godot, showcasing how the final product emerged through the careful assembly of smaller elements and ideas.   Interestingly, the process we employ when creating a compelling image or identity for a show is very much the same when carefully selecting the right words or tagline to represent a production. To explain, we thought we would walk our readers through the process of developing a tagline for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s upcoming production – Svengali.   A tagline is a short sentence or bit of copy that immediately captures the essence of a show in a manner that will excite and educate potential audiences. The tagline appears on every advertisement, poster, and subsequent marketing piece promoting the production. There are few hard and fast rules for the content of a tagline; it might draw attention to the company or individual who created the work (ie. From the award-winning playwright of…), it might draw attention to themes or emotional content (ie. The heart-wrenching work of unspeakable beauty…), or it might even be a review quote from the media. For Svengali, a work with a rich and complex narrative, we decided to use a tagline that would offer a glimpse of the ballet’s narrative.   Svengali tells the tale of a grim young man, who grows up under the oppressive rule of his mother, the owner of a ballet studio who is obsessed with the notion of aesthetic perfection. Svengali possesses a secret power – the ability to hypnotize women, rendering them powerless to his control. Having escaped his mother’s studio, and being set lose in 1930′s Paris, Svengali uses this power to bring Trilby, a beautiful courtesan, under his grasp. Through Svengali’s manipulations Trilby becomes the toast and envy of Paris, but as her star rises, Svengali’s control weakens, and a struggle for freedom ensues.   When developing the tagline for Svengali, LMPR began by identifying key terms that captured the ballet’s essence and emotion, while helping educate audiences on the ballet’s narrative. These terms included:   Intrigue     Desire     Passion     Control     Light/Dark     Captivating     Power   Clash of Wills     Domination     Mesmerizing   From here, a series of simple descriptions emerged, testing how the various terms worked when placed together, such as:   A mesmerizing new ballet of passion and intrigue   A captivating new ballet of power, mystique, and desire   While these phrases captured emotional essences, they did not encapsulate the significant power struggles that exist in the ballet – between Tribly and Svengali, between Svengali and his mother, and those of darker forces beginning to take hold in 1930′s Europe. A series of taglines then emerged from the above, including: The compelling story of forces struggling for control and the woman who rose above it all   The inspiring story of a compassionate woman in a brutal world These offered too literal a reading of the story and lacked a certain spark. Having isolated the importance of the struggle, we were then able to use certain elements, combining them with earlier key words to create a tagline that both reflected the story and resonated excitement:   Power that could not be Denied. Desire that could not be Resisted.   Vancouver residents will likely have seen these words on street poles, bus sides, and in newspapers throughout the city. As for the critically acclaimed production itself, Lower Mainlanders can look forward to experiencing the mesmerizing new ballet Svengali, April 20 – 22 at The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts.     Tickets are on sale now at:  

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